When looking for apartments online, popular databases can be a valuable tool.
However, always be mindful of fraudulent advertisements or "scam ads". Several of
our property have been "hijacked" by others and re-posted with false information.
Unfortunately, since the perpetrator is typically from another country, there is nothing
that we can do except ask those who find them to "flag" them for removal by the
posting website.

Of course, we hope that on this website you can find the apartment you have been
looking for, but if not, here are some tips on how to spot fraudulent advertisements

- The price is "too good to be true".
While it is possible to find a good home for a good price, finding a three bedroom single
family home in the Los Angeles area for $1000 is very, very unlikely!

- The "owner" is currently out of the country.
Again, this is possible, but one should exercise care when dealing with someone in
another country. Typically, these advertisements have only an email address. When the
"owner" responds they tell you of a story of how they are in another country on a
"mission" and need someone that they can trust.

- They request that you mail them certified funds, or provide them with your bank        
information before viewing the house.
This is the best way to tell that an advertisement is fraudulent. They will request the
deposit and then claim they will mail you the keys.
. We typically find out that our
advertisements have been "hijacked" from individuals who go to the property and call our
office once they see our sign in the front yard.

We know that searching for the right apartment can sometimes be a bit of an
overwhelming task, but hopefully this information will help you feel more comfortable
in that search.
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Beware of fraudulent
on online  rental databases.

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